Dear Delegates and Advisors,

Welcome to DAIMUN! My name is Ngan Phan, and it is my greatest pleasure to serve as the Secretary-General of Danang International Model United Nations. This year, we will do our best to provide an immersive and innovative Model UN experience, allowing delegates to tackle some of the most difficult challenges our society faces. Although our executive team is new, we are motivated enough to guarantee our participants an exceptional 4-days conference where they will have the chance to discuss the crucial problems related to this year's theme: “Fostering Development:  Intervention in a Globalized World”. Together with our staff, delegates will experience the challenges and thrills of international diplomacy by assuming the roles of UN representatives and other international decision-makers. We do our best to provide an immersive and innovative Model UN experience, allowing delegates to tackle some of the most difficult challenges our society faces. We are incredibly excited to be returning to Danang in July, and we look forward to putting upon the best conference experience yet! 

At our first session, delegations in attendance hailed from Danang, other cities in Vietnam and other countries. To make our conference more accessible to a wider range of delegates whilst providing the highest caliber of debate, we will be adopting the UNA-USA Rules of Procedure. This year, our conference will include five committees: the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and Press Corps. Outside of committees, DAIMUN offers a wide range of panels and workshops to provide learning opportunities beyond debate. Through all of our programs, DAIMUN will strive to achieve its educational mission in Danang.

Application for our first conference session has been opened on May 01, 2018. Important conference dates and deadlines, along with the tentative conference schedule, can be found on the Information tab of our website. I encourage you to register as soon as possible to stay in touch and secure a seat for this first simulation.

As my Secretariat and I continue preparing for DAIMUN I, be sure to like our Facebook page. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at The entire staff of DAIMUN 2018 and I are committed to creating a dynamic and educational opportunity for high-school and college students in Vietnam, and I sincerely hope that you will consider joining us this summer! Again, welcome to DAIMUN!


Ngan Phan, Secretary-General

Ngan Phan, Secretary-General


Thank you to all our delegates and team members involved with the 2018 Simulation!

On March 11,  2018 Da Nang International Model United Nations welcomed over sixty delegates to the first Model United Nations simulation in Vietnamese history. Our team worked extremely hard and delivered an excellent simulation that served as a learning opportunity for our participants. The simulations allowed our participants to receive a better understanding of the Model United Nations process and logistics. We thank our excellent and experienced chairs who are Model United Nations delegates themselves and proudly state that our rigorous simulation schedule is guaranteed to help our participants succeed at Model United Nations conferences. It was an honor to be able to host this simulation and we look forward to next years simulation. We hope to see delegates from this simulation attend the international conference in July.

vitist to learn more about the simulation


The mission behind our 'News and Updates' page

Here at the Da Nang International Model United Nations organization, we strongly attest to importance of openly stating our process and activities; we firmly belive that this promotes stability and candor among our members and sponsors. We also find value in openly stating our activitites and preparations so that our prospective delegates and sponsors may be able to see the methods and planning behind our work. We also feel sharing this information is a valid learning experience for other Model United Nations organizations planning on organizing a conference or simulation of their own.

Throughout this website you will information regarding our plans and processes, more specifically you can visit to learn more about us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have anymore questions. We are always available to share our experiences and knowledge; email us for your inquiries.


March 11

DAIMUN hosts the 2018 Simulation in Da Nang, Vietnam. Sixty-one delegates will be attending.


Website revision meeting betwwen the Secretary General and the Director General of Committees. Website is updated and put back online.

march 23

Meeting between the Secretary-General and the committee leaders regarding the timeline of the simulation. Weekly progress and specific international conference details and logistics will als be discussed.

March 25

Meeting between Secretary-General and Director General of Committees where possible mentors and partners will be discussed.

More news and updates will be posted soon; visit our social media or email us to learn more about our recent activity.