Our Da Nang International Model United Nations team is divided into four main committees: fundraising & press relations, business & conference, external relations, and adminsistration & delegation. Each of these committees has specific roles and expectations, but they all work and communicate together under a common goal. Our team members communicate primarily through technology given that many of our members are located internationally, this includes communicating through Skype meetings, Facebook messenger, emails, text messages, etc. We have also had various in person meetings. Below you will find a calendar containing some of our meetings held throughout the months.


Here at the Da Nang International Model United Nations organization, we strongly attest to the power of scheduling, setting deadlines and making timelines. We believe that these aspects of planning create a transparent and organized working environment and promote stability and candor among our members and sponsors. 

We also find value in openly stating our activitites and preparations so that our prospective delegates and sponsors may be able to see the methods and planning behind our work. We also feel sharing this information is a valid learning experience for other MUN organizations planning on organizing a conference or simulation of their own.

Throughout this website you will information regarding our plans and processes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have anymore questions. We are always available to share our experiences and knowledge. 

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