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We would like to announce that DAIMUN's upcoming International Conference is currently sponsored by the Vietnam Intellectual Cooperation Center (VICC), a non-governmental organization affiliated to the Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC) based in Hanoi. VICC has a long-term commitment to creating a thriving society where knowledge is valued and a driving force for sustainable development; contributing to the development of society through human development, spreading the knowledge of the community, and promoting the work of the elite network.

VICC operates in 2 main areas:

1. Developing Youth Leadership, training and providing opportunities for talented young people in Vietnam with projects such as OVY, IATSS Forum, ABG / ABG Open.

2. Develop Reading Culture, a place to spread knowledge and encourage reading habits among young people in Vietnam, along with programs / projects such as "Let's Read", Read Station (www.tramdoc.vn), "Bridging the world knowledge" (The Bridge). 

If you would like to learn more about VICC, please click the button below. The link will direct you to VICC's website