+ Construct an educational platform for our delegates

Model United Nations was created in an effort to promote students' and teachers' interest in world around them and to broaden a student's knowledge in a variety of subjects. Da Nang International Model United Nations strives to accomplish this goal by helping teach vital skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication. We feel these skills are indispensable in any working environment and as such we have specifically designed our conference schedule to have an ideal combination of social events and UN simulation time so that students are able to both learn form Model United Nations and from each other.

+ Create and provide opportunities

One of the main purposes behind the creation of the Da Nang International Model United Nations organization was to create and provide opportunities for students. We firmly believe that participating in and working with Model United Nations conferences can provide students with extremely valuable experiences and skills. Da Nang International Model United Nations, the first International Model UN in central Vietnam, was initialized to provide students who would otherwise not be able to with an opportunity to participate in Model UN. This goal is furthered with our DAIMUN team which is run entirely by students allowing them an opportunity to gain work experience. Our goal of creating opportunities has also prompted the foundation of the DAIMUN side project where DAIMUN is partnering with the International Association of Local Development (IALD) to build a library in rural Da Nang to aid in providing young Vietnamese students with an education.

+ Create international exchange

The United Nations itself is an international and globalized organization that brings together many nationalities to create channels of discussion. Like the United Nations, Da Nang International Model United Nations welcomes delegates from all other the world to participate in our international conference. We believe that this international perspective fosters diversity of opinion and brings different perspectives to our conference. Delegates at our conference are able to learn about different countries and cultures. Through our globalized delegates and staff, DAIMUN creates a platform for international exchange and discussion.

+ Develop a realistic United Nations Conference experience

Model United Nations was created to mimic a United Nations Conference and as such Da Nang International Model United Nations is determined to make our conference as realistic as possible. In accordance with the United Nations we have made our conference open to all nationalities in an international environment. Our delegates will be discussing real world issues present in our lives today. Additionally, our conference schedule was modeled after the actual United Nations conference agenda to construct a more realistic conference.