Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Da Nang International Model United Nations conference. We truly appreciate any and all help and support— whether you are a local restaurant, a non-profit organization, a firm, an academic institution, etc DAIMUN would like to thank you on the behalf of the entire secretariat for your interest in sponsoring us. If you have any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to email us at sponsor.daimun@gmail; we would be delighted to answer your questions!

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Why Sponsor DAIMUN?

+ Connection

This July, dozens of talented and academically focused students will travel to Da Nang, Vietnam to take part in the Da Nang International Model United Nations conference. This conference will be a gathering place for extremely skilled and motivated individuals. Sponsoring our DAIMUN conference, in any way, will allow you a platform to connect and reach out to both our student delegates and our DAIMUN team. Not only this, but DAIMUN works extremely closely with communities, schools and organizations in Da Nang, Vietnam and throughout the world. The international and local perspectives of our organization allow your company to form unparalleled relationships and connections with locations, institutions and people throughout the globe.

+ Outreach

Sponsoring the Da Nang International Model United Nations conference, serves as an excellent opportunity to promote your company and gain valuable outreach to people that have a genuine interest in your organization, its purpose, and its products. DAIMUN offers multiple advertising options to help you and your company garner high outreach and attention and connect you with demographics that you and your company are interested in. We are also open to any advertising methods and options that you may prefer. Email us at sponsor.daimun@gmail to learn more about our advertising options.

+ Empowerment

Da Nang International Model United Nations, the first international model united nations conference in central Vietnam, was founded to educate and empower students through Model United Nations whether it is through participating in our conference or working on our DAIMUN team to gain work experience. DAIMUN is always working to provide opportunities for students as seen by our efforts to create scholarships for our conferences and our DAIMUN side project with the International Association for Local Development (IALD) to build a library in rural Da Nang to aid in providing young Vietnamese students with an education. Through sponsoring DAIMUN, you and your company can create new opportunities for hundreds of students— supporting us is supporting a greater initiative to educate and empower students around the globe.

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