The UNA-USA procedure is a type of Model United Nations that focuses on the competition between different blocs and individuals, unlike THIMUN, another type of Model United Nations procedure, the UNA-USA procedure gives out awards for best delegations and other realted awards such as best position paper. The UNA-USA procedure features a general speaker's list and has specific important rules and motions such as roll call, general speaker's list, yielding and motions.

+ Roll Call

Each Model United Nations conference functioning under the rules of the UNA-USA procedure begins the conference with a roll call.

+ General Speakers List

The general speakers lost includes a vote to pend agena and proceeds to the opening of the speakers list. At this time delegates may raise their placards and/or send a note to chair to speech. The general speakers list also motions to introduce resolutions and amendements. Individual speaking time exists.

+ Moderated Caucus

A delegate may initiate a moderated caucus by stating "motion to move into a moderated caucus for the purpose of ... for duration of 15 minutes with individual speaking time of 90 seconds". At this time speakers lists are suspended and any delegate may raise their placard to be recognized.

+ Unmoderated Caucus

At this time, committe wide debate is suspended and delegates are able to meet & discuss informally. This is also a time where delegates are able to draft resolutions

points/motions (in order of precedence)

        1. Point of Personal Priviledge

        2. Point of Oder

        3. Point of Inquiry

        4. Point of Information

        5. Introduction of a Draft Resolution

        6. Motion to Suspend Debate

        7. Motion to Table Debate

        8. Motion for Closure of Debate

        9. Motion to Adjourn the Meeting